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Stack the States

My grandson started playing this when he was 4 years old! He was captivated by it and quickly learned all state capitals and positions and shapes! His older sister was a bit jealous.. he loved the stacking challenge too( as does grandma!). He moved on to stack the countries. He knows way more than I do about where everything is. I asked him one time "what country is between Russia and China?" He immediately answered "Mongolia"--- and I was amazed! He thought everyone knew that

Great game!

Very good for learning states. me and my siblings have learned much from this app! Totes worth the dollar!


I love this game it is fun and it helped me learn my states when I was little I will definitely recommend getting this and I love playing it when I am bored

Jimmy loved this digital creation,

Little Jimmy wanted a special present for his birthday so I purchased this electronic code. Jimmy cried he was so happy. Said he wanted a game called... "Minecraft" where you stack chunks and this is called "Stack" so its Minecraft. Oh, dear I rate this 5 whole plasm bodies. Jimmy loves them Minecraft so thank you for the chunks...



Great Game

I got this for my grandkids but got addicted to this myself! I love it! And all the kids loved playing it while learning so much about the states. I especially love the map it game. I can easily name and place all the states now. This is a fun way to learn the states. Highly recommend.

Aced the states quiz in school

My 7th graders social studies teacher thinks shes a geography genius. She finished the blank state map faster than anyone hes ever given it to. In reality shes just been playing this for the last few years on and off. Both of my kids loved this one and Im about to download stack the countries. Worth the few bucks.

Fun, quick, educational

There are absolutely no advertisements or pop-ups in this app. I play it on i-phone and iPad. There are several games in Stack The States, but you cannot play them all immediately. You have to win enough states to advance to a new game, so success relies on some prior knowledge. This is not going to teach kids to identify the states if they are clueless to begin with, but it will reinforce what they know, and add to their sense of confidence or self-efficacy. Playing the Stacking game is educational because you have to identify the state given 4 choices, but its also funny. I love watching the states facial expressions — the look in their eyes — as the stack wobbles or falls. My only quibble is that the state flags are too small to read clearly. I wish they would expand quite a bit larger when I tap it. There is another game where you have to place the states on a map as fast as possible, but with 3 strikes youre out. Good fun. Works better on iPad than iPhone, due to size. The other games in the app are okay, too, but stacking and mapping are my favorites.

Move to another place with states!

When youre done you should unlock Mexican states

Cool App!

Have played this so many times and have won Map It so many times! It really helps you learn about the states and the U.S. Good app.

Never thought learning would be this fun :)

Wanted to find an app that my daughter could use to study the states and came across this one. Holy crap, its so much fun! She loves it, and weve been playing each on our own phones for the last hour. Only putting it down because evidently my family expects dinner or something. Oh, and Im of the "An app needs to be a dollar or less camp"... Glad I made an exception for this. Totally worth it. Highly recommend!


I mean this is a pretty cool game, considering it has to do with learning

Fun for all ages

Weve had this app for quite some time and we love it. We bought it as a learning tool for our daughter but weve all learned something from it. It is a little bit advanced for the little kiddos, so we usually play it together. Good game while on the road if your kiddo can read the questions.

Fun & Study!

You can have lots of fun, learn, and study all at the same time with Stack The States! (This is a real person not Stack The States) Great App! Its soooooo worth it!!!


It is so great❤️❤️❤️I love this app


This game is one of the best. It is educational and fun at the same time. Never gets boring and extra side games. Please though on map it be able to score more than eighty points.


I have App and it is amazing it helps me study capitals and everything I need to know for school, it helps a lot! Thank you for making this app it helps so much. Everyone needs this app for school. It may cost money but it helps so much.GET THIS APP

Fun + great = yay

This game funner than school, and more learny.


So productive and totally worth the money.

My 6yo twins know all 50 states

This app has captivated my kids completely to the point theyve graduated to Stack the Countries. They are 6yo twins. Cannot say enough good about this app! Thank you!

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