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The States

Very good

Great game

Really cute game. Great for kids to learn their facts.


Hi, I am from Germany and i love this app it helps me to learn a lot about america and his states! Its also simple to understand whats to do! Greetings from Germany :)


Nice to learn something about the US

5 Stars

...wonderful Game. Slowly i know all the states and capitals. And the bonus games makes fun too. My first state was california - my favorite !

Cant Stop Stacking!

Okay, this is hands down the most charming geography game Ive come across on the App Store. The stacking element adds an entirely new and exciting dimension to the standard "name/tap/drag that state" formula for this genre. Although older kids and adults will probably master the questions after a little while, younger kids will definitely be challenged and entertained for a long time. Regardless of your age or expertise though, there is something satisfying about going back over and over again to try to add one more state to your collection. One of the best parts of the state collecting quest is the three bonus games that are unlocked along the way (after accumulating 10, 25, and 40 states). All three games are unique and compelling enough to stand on their own, although most geo-buffs will pine for an even more difficult expert setting. The presentation is bright, cheerful, and practically dares you not to smile while honing your knowledge of U. S. geography. One glimpse of a nervous looking Rhode Island or Delaware while lost in the fray with Texas, California, or Alaska will soften even the most jaded player! From an execution standpoint, the physics engine really shines. Taking advantage of a states irregularities in their border when trying to stack them onto other states is very realistic and provides a great challenge. Although there is a some lag on my 2g Touch (and only when there is a lot going on the screen at once), it does not detract from the overall enjoyment. As good as this game is, I would love to see achievements or other collectibles implemented in the future (state quarters, trees, birds, landmarks, etc...). Also, bring on more categories and questions! A sure fire way to a 6 star rating. Who knew geography could be so compelling? As it stands, I highly recommend this game. A terrific value at 3x the price. Kudos! Now if youll excuse me, Idaho and Vermont are beckoning me for one more go...

Educational and fun

My five-year old son learned all the American States by playing this game and most of the countries in the world by playing its sibling, Stack the Countries. Give him a few more days and hell know them all. Worth every penny.

Great way to learn the US States

I first had the privilege to review the Stack the Countries app a while back. That app was based on Stack the States which was one of the first apps that Dan-Russell Pinson has done. Let me clarify something. I am not an American. In fact, I was born and raised in Canada. Still live there as a matter of fact (even though I changed province). Still I believe it is important for my kids to know the geography of our closest neighbour – the United States of America. As a homeschooling family, we have the liberty of travel whenever we want and the US is so close by that we visit at least every year. I want my kids to know the states of that country. I also strongly believe in knowing your geography. Even though you might not use it much when you are older, at least you can visualize where something happens when you watch the news. My son Dominic played with this app. He is seven years old. He was laughing a lot when he would won a state to stack as the characters have big googly eyes and would open their mouth while falling down. Dominic is learning while playing this app. When you win a state, you have the possibility of twisting it to stack it on the platform. Mind you this game is asking more than the name of the states. It always challenges you on capitals, shapes, abbreviations, bordering states, location on the map and nicknames. So want or or not, your child (and even yourself) will learn quite a bit on the US states. The game is quite easy. You answer questions about the states and you win a state to stack. You objective is to reach the special live in the screen. If you do this by answering correctly to a number of questions, you win a state for your personal map. When looking at your states, you can see where they are positioned on the map. Learning while having fun is the key I find. Once you have won a certain number of states, new games will be available to you. Stack the States is a fun game that will challenge you in learning at the same time as having fun. Don’t be discourage if at first you have trouble. I know I was challenge quite a bit with this app. I would recommend this app for anyone who want to learn more about the US states, American or not.

Good states

This is a very educational app. My 6 year old boy loves it a lot. Highly recommended

Highly recommended

Love this app, for grade schoolers and above, I love playing it. Its fun, educational and terrific value.


Fun, addictive games to learn where states are, and facts about them. Includes two bonus games that are slightly more addictive.


This game is the best!!! ( Even though I am Canadian ) I lOVE GEOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!!

Canadians are stacking!

Love this game and so does my 4 year old son. He is going to be a well versed American geography kindergartener!

Amazing app

This app is very fun and addicting, helped me learn my states very quickly. Love thiss app!!!!

Great test for Canadians!

Lots of fun; educational too.

Like Geography Angry Birds

We are Canadian, but our daughter found the provinces too easy to learn. For a challenge we decided to have her learn the states. We had soooo much fun with this app, and have learned so much about the states, including facts about many that we have visited on our travels. Lil brother loves the stacking challenge!

Stack the states

Even though, we are Canucks, this game is a great educational tool. Also love the countries version, lots to learn there for children and adults of all ages Recommend to anyone, love it!,,,,

Stack the states

Cute and fun.

Awesomeness !!!

Fun way to learn !! Love it !!


This is an amazing application. My 2 and a half year old is addicted and putting me to shame after a few weeks on this. He is loving the time we spend, family members reading and him identifying states by the shape. PLEASE make a version with Japanese prefectures next and then try something with the Periodic Table of the Elements!! We have all your apps and they are all GENIUS!!!

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